Really Big Sea Urchins - Pale Lime

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My childhood summers were spent roaming beaches always on the lookout for interesting shells.  I clearly remember the very first sea urchin, tossed up at the high tide line jumbled in a pile of seaweed and to me it was the most wonderful mysterious thing I had ever seen.  Even now finding urchins washed up on the islands of the Hauraki Gulf brings me happiness so I just had to cast these lovely magical creatures in glass.

Cast in Gaffer glass from genuine sea urchin shells collected on the beaches of Northland these large urchins make quite a statement.

Sizes: No1 c.59mm   No2 c.64mm   No3 c.72mm   No4 c.80mm   No5 c.90mm

Please note: due to monitor variations, the true colour may differ slightly from what you see on screen. Although essentially identical please allow for minor differences from the glass pictured here, as each piece is handmade.